Bird Patterns

Here is my collection of beautiful birds. I have created a whole flock of colourful designs which are really easy to stitch. They each fit neatly into a 4-inch (10cm) hoop. They are also perfect for greeting cards and other small projects.


To buy any of the patterns, simply click on the name of the bird below the image.

Bullfinches Bullfinches - £4.50 Blue Tit - £4.00 Great Tit Great Tit - £4.00 Chaffinch Greenfinch Goldfinch Robin Chaffinch - £4.00 Greenfinch - £4.00 Goldfinch - £4.00 Robin - £4.00 Rosefinch Red Capped Robin Pink Robin Gouldian Finch Common Rosefinch - £4.00 Red-Capped Robin - £4.00 Pink Robin - £4.00 Gouldian Finch - £4.00 Galah Kookaburra Set of two: Galah and Laughing Kookaburrah - £6.00 Blue Tit Oregon junco Junco slate coloured Dark Eyed Junco (Oregon) - £4.00 Dark Eyed Junco (Slate-coloured) - £4.00